FCKL Coach Exhange Programme: Coach Hakim

21 Jan, 2020Team News0 comments

FC Kuala Lumpur recently ran its very first Coaches’ Exchange programme with sister club, Little League Singapore. The programme sees Coach Simon Motyka head down south, while Coach Hakim Abdullah visits us in Kuala Lumpur.

Hakim will take on the FCKL Under 14 and FCKL Girls U13 squads during his 1-week stay in Malaysia.

Holding a professional background, having played for Singapore in the youth squad, Lion City and Tampines Rovers, Coach Hakim has been with Little League Singapore for 6 years, and has also coached the Under 14s squad in the S-League development programme. 

We sat down with himto ask a few questions before his first FCKL training session.

FCKL: What do you hope to bring to FC Kuala Lumpur during your stay?

Coach Hakim: I have worked with Coach Simon on the training plan for the week, and the boys and girls will go through some fundamentals, a bit more on possession, as well as learning how to counter attack. We’ll see how the players respond to the training plan.

FCKL: What do you expect to learn from the Coaches’ Exchange experience?

Coach Hakim: I’m expecting a lot of positives here. I’m keen to learn more about the system, FC Kuala Lumpur’s training programme, and an exchange of knowledge.

FCKL: What can the players expect from you for the week?

Coach Hakim: I’m very well known in Little League Singapore for being an advocate in being disciplined. With the training plan already set, I expect the boys to follow it, and from there they can expect to learn a lot.

FCKL: How do you feel about the Coaches’ Exchange programme?

Coach Hakim: This is the very first time for us, and I do believe that this is a very good initiative for us in Singapore and Malaysia. Hopefully what I’ve experienced here will help me encourage my colleagues in Little League Singapore to come here too.

Here’s to a great week here in Malaysia for Coach Hakim! We hope you enjoy your time here, and gain a lot of positives during your stay.

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