5 Reasons Why You Should Join the Little League Weekend Sessions

17 Jun, 2020Members0 comments

With the RMCO now in effect, we are able to get back on the field again (following strict SOPs, of course)! This also means training is back in session, with both FC Kuala Lumpur and our sister club offering sessions throughout the week.

Want to get the most sessions in each week? Here’s 5 reasons to sign up for Little League Soccer’s weekend classes.

1. Extra outdoor sessions

With strict SOPs in effect, there are only so many slots we can offer during FCKL training times. However, for RM25 per class, you can sign up for our Little League Soccer weekend sessions at The New Camp, Bandar Utama.

Classes run throughout the day on Saturday and Sunday (exact times depend on age group), and are led by our own FCKL coaches!

2. Freedom to choose (your coach)

Want to try a different session or training style to learn more? With the Little League weekend training sessions, you have the choice of up to four coaches in each time slot.

Here’s your chance to learn from your favourite Little League Soccer coach!

The FCKL team of coaches

3. Day-long session availability 

Want to pick and choose when you train at the weekend?

The Little League Soccer RMCO sessions run throughout the day on Saturdays and Sundays, with sessions in the morning (8am – 11am, depending on age group) and in the evening (4pm – 6pm, depending on age group) so you can choose your preferred timeslots!

Train and play at The New Camp with FC Kuala Lumpur

4. Professional photos

For Little League Soccer’s opening weekend, the content team will be on the ground to get your best action shots.

And the best part? Your pictures will be available to download for free on the Little League Soccer website and Facebook page.

5. A breath of fresh air

3 months of being locked down is enough to make any child crave the outdoor! Now with training back at The New Camp, we think it’s time to make up for the last 90 days.

Join the KV United semi professional soccer team with FC Kuala Lumpur

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for your extra sessions today at www.littleleague.my