Iber Cup: The Highlights

15 Jul, 2019Gallery, Iber Cup

The first week of 2019’s July was nothing but an unforgettable memory for the FC Kuala Lumpur team, as the Under 9s, Under 12s and Under 15s travelled to Estoril, Portugal for the Iber Cup.

Interested to know what it was like touring with FC Kuala Lumpur? Here are our 2019 Iber Cup Estoril photo highlights.

The Under 8s were the first to make their debut, among the 3 travelling squads. Despite a tough start in their first match, they did well to fight back stronger in their last match of day 1.

The Under 12s shared a similar fate, losing heavily in their first game, but came back with a strong response for the rest of the campaign.

The Under 15s had to wait for their first match due to a postponement, but started their campaign with a 4-1 loss to local team, GDS de Cascais.

Our U9s went hard in their group stage when they faced off with Sport Tulias de Alcoitao, producing their best result in the group stages, despite it being a 2-0 loss.

After producing FCKL’s their maiden win on European soil, the Under 12s faced a very tough American opponent in Valeo FC. Rest assured, they learned from the experience.

The U15s battle through their first game against GDS de Cascais. The boys gave a particularly impressive showing in the first half of this game!

One of the major perks for the squad travelling to Estoril was that the players’ hostel was a 5 minute walk to the coast of Cascais, and they were not going to say no to an opportunity to take in the view. 

Not to mention some fun under the sun, with nothing else but football!

The U9s represented Malaysia up on stage during the official Iber Cup opening ceremony! What a moment for the young ones!

Given the timing of the schedule, everybody got to catch other squads in action, and it was a full house when the U12s played their R16 match in the Silver Playoffs.

Let’s not forget about our lovely soccer moms in the stands as well. Thank you for parading the Malaysian flag proudly during FCKL’s stay in Portugal!

It was absolute scenes as the Under 12s put on a stellar display against their very physical opponents, coming out 4-2 victors in the Round of 16!

The next series of images goes out to our defense line from all of our squads, who were extremely impressive, constantly giving the support that their fellow team members needed.

When the photographer took this, he was also hoping the player gets featured in Soccer Bible’s weekly Boot Spotting article.

Don’t forget about the CDMs, too!

Along with our new philosophy, win together, lose together, learn together.

We sign out from our adventures in Portugal with this image. Nothing beats experiencing Europe with the best support and the best teammates. We at FC Kuala Lumpur had a blast in Estoril, and learned a lot. Here’s to applying what the players have learnt on the pitch back in Malaysia!


1, 2, 3, FCKL!



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